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to Coco A. Achinger - Multimedia production agency


Get it out –
spicy and honest.

Let`s turn your business ideas into creative, effective and powerful multi media presentation. If it is a website, a video, a powerpoint or a print presentation. Write me what you have in mind and I will come back to you asap…

Be seen –
authentic presentation

You need to create your brand for your new company, your corporate design, business papers, a brochure or a company website? You are at the right place

Move it –
and touch them.

You are publishing a magazine and are looking for a new creative director or designer? Do you need someone to take the production of your product into her hands? here you are at the right place

And –
get it done.

You need someone who can organize and manage your project on Mallorca? As a TV-Production company you look for someone organizing your shoots on the island? Just drop me a line and let`s see if I am the right one for you


Multi Media Productions
Project Development
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
Art Direction

about me

Looking at me and my life it seems like all is about collecting skills. I can see that I was fitted with some basic qualities like, communicative, empathic, creative, understanding and energetic at the same time I was always always challenged by using them in always different situations and projects that learning never stopped. What made my skills strong Which I now offer for different projects & areas.

Coco Achinger offers you services all around multimedia productions. For web, print and Tv productions. As organizer, as graphic designer, as project manager,… and with my wide spread network on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

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