Unlock Your Potential with UPLIFT - A Breathwork Event Experience

Embrace Transformation at the Garden of Gaia

Discover the profound benefits of breathwork and embark on a journey towards emotional and somatic freedom.

Why Join Our Transformational Breathwork Journey Workshops?

Participating in our monthly transformational breathwork workshops offers a unique opportunity to release stress, blocked emotions and reconnect with your inner self.

These sessions promote deep emotional and somatic healing, liberation of supressed and repressed energy.

As blocked emotions aka blocked energy is the first manifestation of dis-ease in the body it is not just very vitalizing to release these but as weel deeply curing. It will bring mental clarity, and foster a renewed sense of energy and well-being.

If you nerever tried an intensive breathwork journey like this, you will be surprised and deeply impressed about the power that lies in your breath.


UPLIFT - A Transformational Breathwork Journey

When: 26th of May, 10:00 – 14:00

Your invest for this event and long lasting Transformationis: 50.-€

Kick Off the Season with UPLIFT
A Transformative Breathwork Experience

This May, immerse yourself in △ UPLIFT △ a profound breathwork journey designed for those seeking deep emotional and somatic release. This exclusive event is more than just a gathering; it’s a carefully curated experience that promises deep liberation and renewal.

Experience Deep Transformation

The day begins with a workshop where you’ll explore personal themes and set intentions, preparing you to dive deep into your subconscious. As you journey on the wings of your breath, you’ll be held and guided into the theta brainwave state. It’s here, in this deeply meditative state, that you can engage in shadow and root work, accessing and mobilizing limiting imprints that shape your beliefs. By rewriting these core programs, you unlock a powerful pathway to personal transformation.

Workshop: Preparation and Activation

10am: The workshop starts with an introduction to the principles of deep emotional, somatic release and the specialities about this breathing practice ensuring you understand the powerful work ahead. This is followed by profound inner work, setting a strong foundation for your transformative journey. To ensure you are fully prepared, we’ll engage in a brief system activation through guided movement, priming your body and mind for the deep dive into your subconscious.

Profound Somatic Release

11am: During this transformative breathwork journey, you’ll experience a profound release of energies long stored within your system. These blockages, once released, facilitate a remarkable sense of liberation that resonates through your entire being, paving the way for new energies and possibilities.

Connect and Share

12:30am Following the breathwork, enjoy a nourishing shared lunch in the serene environment of our gathering. This is a time to connect with fellow attendees, exchange insights, and engage in meaningful conversation that complements the day’s deep work.

02:00pm The experience concludes with integration activities, helping you ground the transformations and carry them forward into your daily life.

Reserve Your Spot NOW.

Space for this intimate journey is limited, ensuring a personalized and focused setting for all participants. To secure your place in this transformative experience and start your journey toward renewal, please reserve your spot promptly.

Don’t miss this opportunity to liberate yourself from old patterns and step into a season of renewal and profound growth.

Your event preparation

☆ Ensure your comfort, have a blanket, some water, and a small pillow, your yoga mat,… with you

☆ If you have an eye mask, feel free to bring it along

☆ Please don’t have a heavy meal up to two hours before the session

☆ Please come sober (alcohol / drugs,…) to the session

☆ feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions

Reserve your Spot

To register for our △ UPLIFT △ event or for any inquiries, please use the contact form below. Then you will recieve a message to proceed with the payment via the paypal link to secure your spot.

Level of experience

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COCO ACHINGER | Garden of Gaia – Cami Son Nadal 10, 07159 S’Arraco Google Maps: LINK

I am Coco Achinger - your breathwork Coach & Journey Guide

My Philosophy

When we breath consciously we do not just take in air and oxygene but Prana – lifeforce energy. And when Intention and breath come together creation takes place. 
I am convinced we can create the lives we are dreaming of. But this is as well an inside job – and your breath is one of the most powerful tools to do this work.

What enables me to support you on this journey is, undoubtedly, my studies at Breathmasters and the certification I completed with them, specializing in guiding transformational breathwork journeys. However, there’s more to my background:

I have been a yogini for over two decades and a yoga teacher for more than one. Prior to this, I practiced martial arts for about 10 years—so I have been cultivating energy through breathing for over 30 years. This extensive experience has endowed me with a deep understanding of the practice.

In addition to these qualifications, I am a certified Health Coach, an NLP-K practitioner, and a somatic stress release practitioner. I have also been guiding group processes for more than four years, making me an experienced space holder.

All of this contributes to the comprehensive skill set I bring with me as we embark on this journey together.


As the type of Breathwork Journeys I offer involves intense somatic release work – mobilizing and transforming physical energies and „suppressed“ emotions – there are a few „official
matters“ to clarify beforehand. Therefore, I kindly ask you to read through the contraindications and the liability waiver below, and then please return this document signed before our session.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me anytime, and we can discuss your concerns. Please note that the Transformational Breathwork Journey is facilitated by me as an experienced professional, but it is not intended to treat or diagnose specific medical or psychological conditions. By participating, you agree to assume all risks and consequences of
the activities. It is important to recognize that each individual is responsible for their own participation and health.
All services and advisory information offered are for health promotion, relaxation, and rejuvenation purposes only. No medical diagnoses are made, they do not constitute therapy,
and do not replace a physician, physiotherapist, or naturopath.
If anyone among you is unsure whether this offering is suitable for them, it is advisable to consult with your treating physician. The health and safety of my clients are very important to me. If
you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in advance. Your safety and well-being are important to me.
I am looking forward to accompanying you on this wonderful, deeply transformative journey.

A Breathwork Journey may not be suitable for you if any of the following applies to you:
Cardiovascular problems, unusually high blood pressure, aneurysms, epilepsy and past seizures, if you are taking heavy medications (including chemotherapy), severe psychiatric symptoms, especially psychosis or paranoia, bipolar disorder, or currently undergoing psychiatric treatment. Also, if you have osteoporosis or have had recent surgery, glaucoma, or are pregnant. Even in the case of an acute mental illness that is not treated or adequately supported, it is advised against. If you have asthma, please bring your inhaler to the session. If you are unsure whether this session is right for you, it is best to consult with your doctor before participating.

liability and waiver release
By participating, you acknowledge this liability and waiver release: I understand and acknowledge that the facilitating person is not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or healthcare professional, and that the activities offered are not intended to treat or diagnose specific physical, mental, or emotional conditions. I voluntarily participate in these activities, am aware of the risks and consequences, and agree to assume all known or unknown consequences.


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COCO ACHINGER | Garden of Gaia – Cami Son Nadal 10, 07159 S’Arraco Google Maps: LINK