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Whether you live in Mallorca, are here on vacation, or would like to fly over to take part in one of the events I am offering or co-creating, you are warmly welcome. There are plenty of opportunities to work with me in person.

Transformative breathwork event Garden of Gaia

During summer season I am inviting you for weekly Sweet OM Yoga into my private Garden of Gaia.

It’s all about the balance between Yang – Activity and male energy and Ying – Receiving, devotion and female energy.

If these two sides of a scale are not in balance we either feel stressed, exhausted and burned out or we lose our energy and end up lethargic and sometimes even depressed.

The solution lies in activating the part which is behind to reach balance, flow and harmony for body and soul.

The class takes place every wedneday night. Register with the form below to take part.

Why Join the Transformational Breathwork Journey at the Yoga del Mar

Participating in our monthly transformational breathwork workshops offers a unique opportunity to release stress, blocked emotions and reconnect with your inner self.

These sessions promote deep emotional and somatic healing, liberation of supressed emotions and blocked energy.

As supressed / repressed emotion aka blocked energy is the first manifestation of dis-ease in the body it is not just very vitalizing to release these blockages but as weel deeply curing. It will bring mental clarity, and foster a renewed sense of energy and well-being.

If you have never tried an intensive breathwork journey like this, you will be surprised and deeply impressed by the power that lies in your breath.

Available dates can be found in the calendar on this site. Look for the session every last Friday of the month in the Yoga del Mar schedule.

your individual 1:1 breathwork training

The first and easiest step to optimize your health on a physical, emotional, or mental level is through your breath.

Whether it’s a stress level that has reached a critical state, your body’s emergency signals, or a recurring issue that repeatedly brings frustration into your life, breathwork can help.

Breathwork supports you in addressing issues on a deeper, cellular level, tackling the root causes of what occurs in your everyday life. Trust the process and your body, which knows the way to liberation and peace.

The breathwork sessions I offer range from learning techniques to regulate your nervous system in daily life, to breathwork training designed to change your breathing patterns and improve overall health and condition. Additionally, I provide guided breathwork journeys that can lead to deep relaxation and regeneration, or create a powerful transformative experience.

We can discuss your personal goals in a free informational call to determine if and how I can support your individual objectives.

weekly stress release and inner peace at Garden of Gaia

During the summer season, I invite you to join our weekly yoga and breathwork sessions in our oasis and sanctuary, the Garden of Gaia.

It’s all about balancing Yang – activity and male energy, and Yin – receiving, devotion, and female energy.

When these two sides are not in balance, we either feel stressed, exhausted, and burned out, or we lose our energy and become lethargic and sometimes even depressed.

The solution lies in activating the part that is behind to achieve balance, flow, and harmony for body and soul.

In our weekly sessions, you can focus on either „Inner Healer Activation“ – a blend of gentle breathwork, guided meditation, and somatic stress release movement to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, or on more dynamic „Sweet Om Yang to Yin“ flows to balance both sides.

You will find the current schedule in the calendar below, and you can easily register by joining this WhatsApp group and dropping a line when you want to join.

The actual schedule of the sessions are listed in the calendar below. you can register either via the form below or by joining our Garden of Gaia tribe whatsapp group.

You are worth it queen ­čĹĹ Exclusive 1:1 retreat for deep healing and relaxation

Dear Women,

If you are navigating challenges related to your femininityÔÇöhormonal balance or imbalances, low libido, fertility, menopause, or any aspect of womanhood and femininityÔÇöthis retreat is designed specifically for you. Our program focuses on sacred women’s work, offering a nurturing space to address these unique experiences.

An extended weekend you might have never experienced before.

Maybe your mind can’t see how urgently you need this yet, but trust me, your soul and body do. Jump into four intense days packed with elements of yoga, breathwork, embodiment practices, women’s health coaching, rituals, and treatments. Everything is arranged according to your current state to help you reach balance, stress release, and renewal on all levels.

Everything is included, from airport shuttle service and healthy, delicious meals to accommodation in your own casita within the beautiful oasis of our sanctuary.

­č¬Č­čîÇ­čźÂ­čĆ╝ Feedback of participants ­čźÂ­čĆ╝­čîÇ­č¬Č

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I am Coco Achinger - your breathwork Coach, Women's health coach, Yoga teacher and host


My Philosophy

When we breath consciously we do not just take in air and oxygene but Prana – lifeforce energy. And when Intention and breath come together creation takes place.┬á
I am convinced we can create the lives we are dreaming of. But this is as well an inside job – and your breath is one of the most powerful tools to do this work.

What enables me to support you on this journey is, undoubtedly, my studies at Breathmasters and the certification I completed with them, specializing in guiding transformational breathwork journeys. However, thereÔÇÖs more to my background:

I have been a yogini for over two decades and a yoga teacher for more than one. Prior to this, I practiced martial arts for about 10 yearsÔÇöso I have been cultivating energy through breathing for over 30 years. This extensive experience has endowed me with a deep understanding of the practice.

In addition to these qualifications, I am a certified Health Coach, an NLP-K practitioner, and a somatic stress release practitioner. I have also been guiding group processes for more than four years, making me an experienced space holder.

All of this contributes to the comprehensive skill set I bring with me as we embark on this journey together.