move. eat. feel well.

a healthy lifestyle is something very individual.

Not just what you eat and what does good to your body plays an important role, but ass well to move your body and to have all areas of your life in an satisfying state.

We move your body & life.

After years of practicing yoga and martial arts and being an vinyasa power yoga teacher today, I support you in moving your body.

After years of studying Holistic Human Understanding and after studying Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, I support you in getting areas of your life moving forward to more happiness and fulfillment.

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sweet OM Yoga

Enjoy strong and soft vinyasa power yoga sessions or private yoga training at the sweet Om  outdoor Yoga Studio

Residential Coaching & Private Retreats

relax, reset, recharge, nourish, move and enjoy life with us at our beautiful and peaceful finca

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